How to Sell Alot More Jewelry at Craft Shows

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10 Secrets to Sell More Jewelry at Craft Shows!

I just finished published my first e-report which will show you 50 secrets to selling more jewelry at craft shows. It’s written for the craft market in general, but all of the principles apply to jewelry. I just altered some of the wording so it will apply to all crafts. Since it’s my first e-report, I’m offering it at an introductory price of $2.50.

I’ve included the first ten secrets below. Even though I’ll be publishing some premium e-reports and ebooks in the future, I still plan on giving you lots of free information and advice. Just hoping to bring in a little bit of income in order to maintain the site. I love helping you market your jewelry. 🙂

Craft shows can be a fantastic way for you to sell your handmade crafts. Over the years, I’ve learned a variety of “secrets” that have helped me make more income at craft shows. I want to share them with you, so you can benefit also. I wish you much luck in your crafting endeavors!

Know your audience.

If the crowd at the shows is going to be young and hip, you’ll want to have lots of trendy, funky items available. If it’s an older more sedate crowd, you’ll want to display more classic merchandise. Ask the show sponsor for demographic information so you can plan your merchandise mix.

Ask for a corner booth.

A corner booth almost always attracts more traffic. Reserve your spot early and request a corner booth, if possible.

Keep your display simple and elegant.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time if you keep your display simple without a lot of clutter. It’ll be easier to set up and won’t deflect attention away from your craft. Remember, the focus should ALWAYS be on your merchandise. Don’t let your display be a distraction, but only a backdrop for your crafts.


Display lots of mirrors.

If you sell wearables, you’ll sell more items if people have ready access to a mirror to see how an item looks on them. This small point can make a big difference in your sales. Have a mirror set up at each end of your display as well as several in the middle.

Accept as many forms of payment as possible.

It’s worth the additional effort and expense to have the option of accepting credit cards. Some jewelers have reported sales increases of 30% once they started accepting credit cards. A friend of mine actually doubled her sales after starting to accept credit cards.

Prominently display your web address in your booth.

Make a banner that runs across the length of your booth with your company name, logo, and web address printed on it, so it can be seen by everyone that enters your booth.

Include a business card with every purchase.

Your business card should have your contact information plus your web address printed on it. This should be placed in the bag of every single item you sell. This is your opportunity to create a lifetime customer.

Have a sign-in book for collecting contact information and email addresses.

Have a book prominently displayed where customers can leave their name and email address. This contact information is critical for future marketing once the show is over.

Have a system for locating shows.

Check your local paper, local malls, schools, local clubs, and churches regularly for  upcoming craft shows. To find statewide or national shows, visit an online site such as for listings of art and craft festivals nationwide.

Screen shows carefully before committing.

If possible read reviews relating to a craft show before reserving a spot. Try to get names of previous exhibitors and question them about their sales. Find out long the show’s been in existence and how much traffic it has generated in the past. Go to for national craft show reviews.

All the best to each of you. 🙂