Unusual Places to Display Your Handmade Jewelry

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If you’re in the handmade jewelry business, you already know the importance of locating new markets for your jewelry designs. Many jewelry designers fail to take advantage of the resources they have for displaying jewelry right in their own home town. Using local resources is a great way to successfully brand yourself while enhancing your reputation as a local jewelry designer. Here are some places to display your jewelry at a reduced cost or even free:

How to sell your jewelry: Your local library

Most local libraries have various showcases where they can display the work of local artisans. It can be as simple as calling your local library and asking to speak with the head librarian. Let her know you’re a local handmade jewelry artisan who wants to spread the word about your jewelry designs.

It helps if your jewelry has some interesting history behind it or is made with unusual materials. Include a card with your display describing how your jewelry is made and what makes your designs unique and special. This can be excellent source of publicity for your jewelry business.

How to sell your jewelry: The windows of non-retail businesses

There are a variety of non-retail businesses with empty windows just begging for some decoration. Many of owners of these businesses would be happy to allow you to display your jewelry designs in these unused spaces. It may also help the business owner since beautiful jewelry can draw attention to their own business. Consider contacting the owners of banks, accounting offices, and other service related businesses to see if you can put extra space to good use by displaying your jewelry designs.

How to sell your jewelry: Tourist information centers

If you have a tourist information or visitor’s center in your area, they may have unused cases or display space for you to showcase your jewelry designs. Tourists centers are often eager to display the work of local artisans as a draw for visitors.

How to sell your jewelry: Hotels

Larger hotels sometimes have showcases that can be used to display your designs. If you choose this option, be sure to highlight your web address prominently in the display since your jewelry may get national or even international exposure from visiting hotel guests. While you’re there, don’t forget to see if the hotel gift shop looks like a good market for your jewelry.

How to sell your jewelry: Concert halls

If you have a concert hall or other cultural center in your area, you may be able to display your jewelry designs in a showcase in the foyer. The demographics of the people who attend these cultural events make them enthusiastic buyers of high end jewelry. This can provide excellent publicity for your jewelry business.

You may also want to consider other nontraditional venues such as airports, schools, churches, and craft centers as possible sites to display your jewelry designs. The more exposure your handmade jewelry receives, the more your reputation as a jewelry artisan grows and the more successful your jewelry business becomes.