Could Your Jewelry Designs Use an Update?

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Jewelry designers, have you looked at your jewelry designs lately? I mean REALLY looked at your designs with a fresh perspective. A problem I see rather often in the jewelry design business is a touch of complacency After several years of designing jewelry successfully, many a jewelry designer will let her jewelry designs go a bit stale.

Maybe the designers sales have been acceptable or even good and she’s happy with the income she’s making from her design talents. There’s only one problem! The jewelry design business is constantly changing and thrives on originality and newness. If you always carry the same designs year end and year out, eventually your jewelry line will become yesterday’s news.You don’t want that, do you?

So how do you keep your designs fresh without becoming too trendy? Here are some suggestions:

1.Add a few new jewelry designs to your line on a regular basis.

You don’t have to go overboard here, just add a few fresh designs every few months and see how the public responds to them. If they’re not a hit, what have you really lost? Just make sure the designs you add are consistent with your overall theme.If you design jewelry with a vintage look, you don’t want to add bright contemporary jewelry to your line.

2. Follow trends closely, but don’t jump on every one.

Read bead and jewelry magazines to see what the upcoming jewelry trends will be. Flip through celebrity and fashion magazines to see what’s hot. Watch television, popular movies and award shows to see what the actresses are wearing. You may also want to check out jewelry and engagement ring ideas from pages like this.

Visit retail stores, boutiques, and galleries and ask the sales clerks what’s selling. Then ask yourself how this relates to your jewelry. Are there subtle changes you could make to adapt to a current trend without destroying the integrity of your jewelry line?

3. Add some unique findings to your jewelry.

Could your clasps and spacer beads use an update? Are you using plain lobster claws and fish hooks in your jewelry designs? Why not experiment with a dramatic toggle or a more unusual style of earring hook? Little changes like this can give your jewelry a whole new look.

4. Ask a friend.

Find a friend or someone you trust to be objective and have them make suggestions on how you can improve your jewelry line. A fresh pair of eyes may find something you’ve completely overlooked. Sometimes it’s hard to be objective about your own creations.

5. Ask your customers.

Have a comment box handy where customers can give you feedback on our jewelry designs. We have a box like this in our bead store and
we’ve benefited greatly from what our customers have told us. Customers are more likely to be honest if they can give you their comments anonymously.

By following these few simple suggestions, you can get a fresh perspective on your jewelry line, increase your jewelry sales, AND your jewelry design income!