A Unique Niche Market for Handmade Jewelry

diamond jewelry hand made

I get excited every time I discover a new niche market for handmade jewelry. Here’s an interesting one that I’m sure does quite well. A jewelry maker is selling dog identification tags made out of sterling silver and set with cubic zirconia stones. This is definitely a product for the upscale dog.

There are more and more people who are willing to fork out large amounts of money to give their dog the very best which makes this a growing market. In addition, this jewelry designer is selling dog bracelets made out of beads with matching bracelets for the fashionable owner. I’ll give you a link to her website so you can see. Here’s the link.

If you were to specialize in the dog jewelry niche, an excellent venue to sell your creations would be local dog shows. I’ve attended several of these shows where people were selling generic dog jewelry and they seemed to have brisk sales. I can only imagine how well a talented handmade jewelry designer would do. You could also set up displays in veterinary offices, kennels, pet grooming salons, and doggy day care centers.

These days the dog jewelry market can encompass human jewelry with a dog related theme or jewelry designs for high fashion dogs to wear. It seems likely the demand for this type of jewelry will continue to grow as people invest more time and money into their pets. There are jewelry designers who have even focused on developing jewelry around a single dog breed.

Here’s  a link to an Ebay seller who sells jewelry with a Shih Tzu theme.

An easy way to test the market might be to present a small display of dog themed jewelry at your next craft or jewelry show and see how your market responds. If the response is good, you can slowly expand the line and start targeting local niche markets. You could also test a few pieces of handmade dog themed jewelry on Ebay. To be successful, I would stick with a higher end dog themed jewelry in order to differentiate yourself from mass produced pieces.

If you’re a dog lover, this market might be a natural for you. Why not give it a try?